3120 is made in Mino.
3 companies, which carry the culture of Mino, engage in the whole process of paper making, printing, and finishing products.

Furukawa Paper

Furukawa Paper, founded in 1835, originally manufactured cyclostyle mimeograph base paper and type writer base paper by using Mino specialty thin Gampi paper. Since 1970, the business has shifted into production and distribution of letter paper, gratuity envelops, calligraphy paper, all made of Mino Paper (Mino Washi). Many variations in their original products are obtained by means of processing technology for stationery and paper product.
In 3120, they are in charge of finishing process – shaping paper into envelops, greeting cards, memo blocks and so on.

Marujyu Paper Company

Marujyu Paper Company, founded in 1951, has been manufacturing functional paper used in our everyday life, such as Kaishi (Japanese tissue). Combined wire in the paper machine makes double-layered paper, which enables each side of paper to have different surface.
In 3120, they are in charge of manufacturing all the paper with watermark (lacework design).

Ieda Paper Craft

Ieda Paper Craft is founded in 1889. Their key technology of imprinting paintings has been seen not only in Gifu lantern, but also in lantern made in nationwide. Popular line is interior decoration goods which applied ancient method of handmade paper.
In 3120, they are in charge of serigraph and ink jet printing, which are used in surface of brilliant fluorescent colored notebooks and greeting cards.




Artist. Born in 1977 in Japan. 2008 the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music bestowed upon her the title Dr. of Fine Arts. Her work is usually noted for its unique combinations of circles and straight lines, considered to be hallmarks of her expression. Overturning fixed ideas and provoking new ways of thinking, Takahashi is working on various projects such as "HIROCOLEDGE" - an experiment involving collaboration with craftsmen of many different disciplines.

萩原 修の写真



Design Director, born in 1961. He completed the diploma in Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. After working for Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd, and Living Design Center OZONE, he created his own business in 2004. He works as a planner and producer for commodities, houses, shops, exhibitions, events, competitions, books, and magazines. He is also a planning promoter for many projects, such as “Codo・mono・Coto“, “Chuo Line Design Net Work”, “kaminokousakujo”, “TENUKORE”. He is the author of “9 tsubo house”, “Design Stance”, “Children’s Toolbox”. He also took over the family business in 2005, and became the owner of the stationer “tsukushibunguten”.